Our mission is to use the latest technology for the cost-effective products   

Satek Defense Technologies is a "Research and Development" company from Turkey, established in 1997, devoted to bring the latest technology its customers.

     Company is located in Ministry of Industry Technology Development Center in Middle East Technical University, working closely with university and the user. 

    Product areas include research, design and implementation of Electronic Warfare simulators, Operator Training Simulators, Environment Models  and Weapon Systems Integration for test ranges.  

    Satek expertise is growing in PC based simulation systems, for both “hardware included” and “pure software” simulations. We prefer Windows based applications running on regular PCs to make sure the products are cost/effective.   

     Following are the current product line;  

      -    Electronic Warfare (EW)  

  •      o       EW Equipment Simulators, 
  •      o       EW Environment Modeling,  
  •      o       EW Scenario Planning and Generation tools,  

      -    Underwater  

  •      o       Sonar Equipment Simulators,  
  •      o       Underwater Acoustic Environment Modeling,  
  •      o        Scenario Planning and Generation tools,  

      -    Shooter Training 

  •      o       IR Laser based gun Instrumentation,  
  •      o       Tactical training for multiple users,  
  •      o       3D Scenario Environment,  

      -   Tank Crew Training  

  •      o       Motion Platform, 
  •      o       Driver Training,  
  •      o       Crew Training, 
  •      o       Tactical environment through HLA  
  •      o       3D models, scenario generation.  

      -  Training Ranges  

  •      o       System Integration  
  •      o       SAM, AAA instrumentation  
  •      o       Command and Control Center Software  
  •      o       Real Time Weapon Simulations  

      We represent the following high-tech companies in Turkey;   

  •      o      Cubic Defense Systems,  
  •      o      Quantum3D,  
  •      o      FAAC Inc,  
  •      o      InterSense,  
  •      o      Terrain Experts Inc.  

     Our software development infrastructure is based above mentioned companies' products such as MANTIS, VTREE, TERRA-VISTA, INERTIA-CUBE.

Contact us for further information   ugur@satek.com.trAF air-jordan air-max chanel coach gucci louis-vuitton michael-kors newblance omega

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